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Wave scarves

Wave scarves


These stunning wave scarves are woven using the elusive wave stick! After trial and error I've manged to find a combination of yarn and technique that not only captures woven waves but keeps them permanently. 


These scarves are woven in wool and alpaca, with varying degrees of sparkle. See below for a detailed descrption of each scarf, as they're all unique. 


Scarf #1 - This scarf is 152cm long (178cm with tassels). One of its weft yarns is a light cyan, giving this scarf a light blue tinge. It's pretty sparkly, with lots of noticeable sparkle. 


Scarf #2 - This is a longer scarf at 188cm (222cm with tassels). It's a more solid grey compared to Scarf #1 but is equally sparkly. The warp yarn is also more of a purple which makes it feel a bit brighter and the warp has sparkles, so this is the sparkliest of all the wave scarves. 


These scarves are handwash only and line dry. 

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