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Trans pride cowl

Trans pride cowl


This cowl has been handspun from a trans pride art batt I purchased from The Fleece and the Wheel. 10% of the purchase price I paid went to Amor Binders pay it forward program, a trans and neurodivergent owned chest binder company based in Melbourne. 


I spun this art batt into a fluffy yarn, then knit this cowl into a super squishy brioche cowl. To continue to pay it forward, I will donate the full sale price of this cowl to A Gender Agenda, a community organisation actively engaged in increasing public awareness and understanding of intersex, trans and gender diversity issues. 


This cowl is 78cm in circumference and 15cm high. You can wear it as a single loop and let it fall down your chest (or tuck it into your coat!) or wear it double looped around your neck, which is super tight and snuggly. 


It's made of Angelina sparkle, mulberry silk, corriedale wool and merino wool. It has a little bit of a prickle so not for people who are super sensitive. 


It's hard to photograph accurately, in real life it's more fluro pink and the white is much brighter, with a silky pink undertone. 

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