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Cat row counter

Cat row counter


Loosing your place in your project can be a CATastrophe! Luckily these counting kitties are here to help. 


These row counters will help you keep track of which row you're up to in your knitting or crochet, up to 99. It's very sturdy and durable and will happily live in your project bag. 


Made of cherry hardwood, handmade and finished in the USA. 5cm high by 4cm wide, 1.3m cm thick. 


Tip! The wheels are secured by metal screws, which can be adjusted. If your counting wheel is too stiff or too loose and moving too much you can use a coin, butter knife or screw driver to adjust the screw and tighten/loosen it up. Just put a touch of pressure on the back side of the screw, like a finger. 


Image courtesy of Katrinkles. 

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