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Rainbow lock cushion

Rainbow lock cushion


This wild and wonderful cushion is the result of many hours of creativity!


First I spun the yarn, a handmade blend of black Merino sheep, navy Shetland sheep and rainbow nylon. I then wove this yarn into fabric on my loom, incorporating rainbow dyed English Leicester sheep locks as I went. I added the colours randomly, but tried to keep them evenly distrubuted to keep the cushion front colourful. 


I then took my woven fabric and cut it into pieces to sew the cushion cover. Finally, I sewed a cushion insert out of black cotton, stuffed with clean polyfill, to suit this custom sized cushion. The result is a riotous collection of colour and sparkle, with crazy curls going off into space and a combination of colours that dazzles the eye. 


The cushion is 28cm by 21cm, and a very fluffy 12cm thick. The back has an envelope style opening so the cushion insert can be removed if needed. The locks are fairly secure to the front of the cushion, but they can be pulled out with a lot of force (or a very determined pet!). I would recommend this cushion be used as a decorative item rather than something that gets slept or sat on regularly. 

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