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Rainbow folding scissors and case

Rainbow folding scissors and case


These nifty little scissors come in their own drawstring bag! 


The scissor handles have a lovely rainbow sheen that really catches the light. They quickly and easily fold up with the points securely tucked away. Perfect for throwing into your project bag without jabbing yourself or your work. They have a very satisfying 'snip' action. The tips are rounded so there's no snagging the yarn you don't want to cut! The handles have small holes to attack the scissors to a chain or to keep stitch markers handy. 


These scissors come with a lovely drawstring bag. There's plenty of room inside for some stitch markers and yarn needles and other small notions. 


The scissors measure 8.5cm long when folded (handle to handle) and 10cm long when unfolded (handle to tip). The drawstring pouch is 11cm tall and 11.5cm at its widest (when drawstrings are open).

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