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Handspun and handwoven felt bag

Handspun and handwoven felt bag


This is a unique bag handmade by myself in Queanbeyan, Australia. 


I started by hand spinning the purple and aqua yarns from a hand combined mix of alpaca, merino, other wool and sparkles. This yarn was super soft and full of character. I then used this handspun yarn to warp my loom, using a commerical blue roving yarn as the weft in a random pickup pattern. This created a rustic, colourful and artistic fabric but wasn't that stable. Next step was the felt the woven fabric to create something solid and long lasting. 


After felting the fabric I cut it into squares to sew into this one of a kind bag. The fringe along the edges of the bag is the twisted warp ends from the original weaving. The inner lining is made from ramie, a linen-like fabric a nice sheen.


The bag is a 15cm cube with one internal pocket (11cm by 7cm). The bag can be sinched shut by pulling on both knotted ends of the ribbon at the same time. 


This bag is big enough to hold a small project, such as a beanie or a pair of socks, if used as a project bag. 

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