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Handmade satchel bag

Handmade satchel bag


This bag is a labour of love, a handspun, handwoven and sewn masterpiece. 


The yarn is handspun from Corriedale, Icelandic, alpaca and silk. The Corriedale I dyed and then carded myself into batts with the alpaca and silk. The billowy grey accent yarn is Icelandic sheep fibre blended with oatmeal Blue Faced Leicester and orange silk. 


After preparing and spinning these yarns I woven them on my 4 shaft loom with a black wool warp, creating a strong and rustic fabric. After finishing weaving and washing the fabric I cut it up to sew the satchel bag. 


The bag is constructed from high quality fusible foam, giving it a solid structure and firm feel. There's a wide pocket on the back of the bag and two smaller pockets inside. The lining is cotton fabric and the strap is strong and durable nylon with a decorative running stitch. 


The bag is 31cm wide by 25cm high and 9cm thick. The strap is 104m long - when worn over one shoulder the bag sits just at my wrist (I'm average height). It it also long enough to be worn across the body, sitting on my hip. 

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