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Desperate Knitting

Desperate Knitting

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You may be wondering just what makes this a book of "desperate knitting." We've chosen designs that use some of the most lush yarns out there-thus filling our "desperate" desire to buy and wear yarns that are oh, so touchable. Our designers have kept the techniques at a stress-free level because we are "desperate" to get rid of any extra annoyance or frustration. We have chosen knitting partly for its Zen qualities. After all, knitting is considered the "new yoga." The silhouettes and styling details make it clear that we enjoy being women and, depending on how we accessorize and wear them, some may say they are in "desperate" taste. You gotta have the right party as a means to our "desperate" ends, so we have included projects for entertaining and socializing that reflect the inner knitter!


Yarns range from worsted to super bulky, with projects including tops, leg warmers, homewares, aprons and scarves. Check out some of the patterns on Ravelry.


63 pages.

25 projects.

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