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Darning loom kit

Darning loom kit


This darning loom kit contains everything you need to needle weave patched on your knitted items. The kit come with detailed instructions and there's also a video guide available on Youtube.


The kit comes with:

1 x Darning Loom 

1 x Heddle 

1 x Elastic Tie

1 x Tapestry Needle

1 x Instruction Pamphlet 


There's also a Heddle Expansion Kit for this loom that gives you three larger heddles designed for use with thicker yarn and at a large gauge!


The loom is made of birch hardwood and is made and hand finished in the USA by Katrinkles. 


The loom itself is 6.5cm wide and 2.5cm high. It's small enough to fit inside an adult's sock to mend those pesky holes. The heddle is 4cm wide. If the hole you need to mend is bigger than that I'm really, really sorry. Also, you might need to make mutliple patches. 


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