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Adjustable pom pom maker

Adjustable pom pom maker


This adorable limite edition adjustable pom pom maker will let you make pom poms for any project!


It comes with instructions etched right onto the top of the tool, plus a handy spot that lets you see what size pom pom you're set to make. The dachshund’s body extends to make a 2”, 3”, or 4” pom pom!


Instructions for this cute tool are as follows:

  • Fasten the pins provided into the holes adjacent to your desired pom pom length

  • Wrap an equal length and width of yarn around each leg

  • While the yarn is still wrapped, tie it tightly in the middle

  • Unfasten the right pin and slide the pom pom off the end of the tool

  • Tie yarn again, even tighter around the middle, then cut the looped end and trim it round


The tool is around 14 cm long, 15 cm high and 1 cm thick. The screws can be undone by hand if you're dexterous. Otherwise you may need something like a coin, butter knife or screwdriver to open them and adjust the pom pom size. 


The tool is made from birch plywood and made in the Katrinkles studio in the USA. 

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