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I really resonated with an Instragram post the other day by the Fiber Business Collective about the difference between a hobby business and a "business" business. Both are totally valid, important and necessary, but a "business" business values selling things and a hobby business values making joy.

Brindabella Yarn Craft is definitely a hobby business. I sell things that I love, and do things that aren't the best "business" decision but bring both me and my customers joy.

Part of that is bedazzling! I bought a hot set crystal wand a few years ago and now make freebie stitch markers that go will all orders. I really enjoy the process and love playing with the crystals.

So cute!

If I didn't include these cards with gift stitch markers in each order I'd scrape together a bit more money... but I just love giving them away and I hope the people who recieve them have a smile on their face too.

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