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Wee Maggie rides again!

Here's a video of Wee Maggie in action. She's a little Porche of a wheel! Very fast and smooth, a real joy to spin on.

I forgot to mention earlier: both the Sheridan Macarthur wheel and this Wee Maggie are double drive wheels. I found two of Jillian Eve's videos invaluable in understanding how these wheels work, how to set their drive bands and how to adjust their tension properly. These videos are her Double Drive Spinning Wheel Setup and How To Tie A Drive Band Onto Your Double Drive Spinning Wheel The Right Way. Almost everything crafty I do I learned through online videos. They're an amazing resources and Jillian Eve is so generous in sharing her knowledge and a pleasure to watch.

Lol, the moment in this clip where I have to get the wheel going again with my hand was the moment I focused on my hands to see if I could spin super-fine cobweb singles. Gotta keep those feet going too! I'm so used to using an espinner I don't have the muscle memory to treadle without thinking about it.

As much as I enjoy Wee Maggie, this lass is not mine! She's going back to Canberra Spinners and Weavers (CSW) and is available for sale there. If you're interested check out her noticeboard post on the Canberra Spinners and Weavers website.

Full disclosure: I volunteer for CSW and also run their online presence, including the website. I donated my time and enthusiasim to get this wheel back into working order and received nothing but enjoyment and the pleasure of knowing this wheel is now better able to find a new home.

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