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Weaving project planning

So this year I'm going to work on my Fancy Folder and keep better notes of what I plan, sample and weave.

I'm repeating a weave that I did last year so for this project I'm mostly taking notes to get in the habit of taking notes, as well as taking a project planning sheet for a spin.

This is the Rigid Heddle Loom Weaving Project Design Sheet by Apple Tree Farm. I like the big planning space that let me work out a warping pattern for the rather complicated stripe pattern I wanted to do. But I don't like that's all in imperial measurements. Writing 9.9 inches felt really weird, but I have no idea how to make that into a fraction. Also, for my rigid heddle I don't really plan that much. Most of the time if I weave a scarf I just warp the length of my dining table and aim for 10" to 12" in width in the reed. I don't often consider the final measurements.

But now that I've (half) planned my project, time to warp! When I finished the first V cowl in this pattern with these yarns I remember thinking I had enough navy left over to warp another and then use navy for the weft.

Well, I was wrong. (What was that about not really planning again?) I ran out of navy so spectacularly I resorted to warping off my wound shuttle stick from the last project (0/10 would not recommend) and finished the warp in a game of yarn chicken, which I won. Just.

But I made it! Now time to roll on and thread the heddles.

For my Fancy Folder I also printed out the draft for this project to help with threading. For the first project, for both the warping order and threading the heddles, I just had my laptop sitting next to the loom with my weaving software open and I stopped and squinted at the screen constantly. I've gotta say, having a bit of planning and a printout next to the loom made warping and threading much quicker and easier.

All warped up and ready to go! I love seeing a warp all sorted and ready to go. I think it's the feeling of potential and possibility!

There's certainly a lot of possilibity to consider now that I'm totally out of navy yarn, which I planned to use for all of the weft. Time to have a think.

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