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V cowls

Here's the two V cowls I've finished, from the same design and plan. I planned to make them identical but then ran out of navy, so had to improvise a colourblock pattern for the second one.

I don't remember where I heard it (maybe a video by the School of Sweet Georgia?), but recently I remember hearing something along the lines of "experience doesn't mean you're immune to making mistakes, it just means you make them quicker and recover from them quicker". I think that's certainly true here!

Running out of navy yarn was definitely a mistake borne of poor planning, but I'm really thrilled with how the second cowl came out.

This design is the Hero Cowl Weaving Pattern by Weft Blown. The pattern is free and comes with heaps of helpful photos and even a video tutorial.

I weave my V cowls 120" long, with 25" left at the start, 70" of weaving, and then 25" at the end. I don't incorporate loom waste as that all turns into fringe. I aim for 9" to 12" wide (in the reed). This size lets you loop the cowl around your neck twice and has a nice sized V in the front.

The stripe pattern I used is one I developed during The Handweaving Academy's 'From Dull to Brilliant: Plain Weave WAL'. It was a great weave-along and had some excellent resources. I took the suggested stripe pattern from that WAL and modified it to suit my chosen 'dull colours'.

If you like this cowl, here's a copy of the stripe pattern. I've chose to use a V cowl with these stripes because when the V is made and the warp crosses itself the stripes make a gorgeous plaid pattern. I really like that effect.

Navy stripes
Download PDF • 176KB

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