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There and blog again

Hello world. After a minor hiatus the blog is back again. I've been really busy the last month but I also feel like I've accomplished nothing.

Knitting-wise I've accomplished very little. I wrestled mightily with the sleeve caps on this Kalika jumper. The whole project very nearly went into a bin a few times but I perservered because I love the yarn (Rowan Camello- it has camel in it!) and I really like the plastron (fancy neck bit) of this jumper. So here it is.

I'm also knitting Lovely Huggers reversible mittens. I finished the first side of both mittens and was almost finished the second side of one of the mittens when I realised I'd used more than half of my yarn already so I wouldn't have enough to finish the second side of the second mitten. So I ripped it all back and started the second sides again with different yarn, and this time working both mittens at once.

It's also now spinning season!

I was trying to finish my cross stitch to pack it up so I could get my spinning wheel out. But rushing and cross stitch are not a good combination. I started to stress about it, which made things even worse. And then I remembered I was having the exact same problem at the end of the spinning season last year, when rushing to finish spinning projects to pack up the wheel for summer.

I remembered then that I'd said screw it, and packed up my wheel with half-done projects. So that's what I did with my cross stitch.

Is it just me who feels like you have to learn the same damn lesson over and over and over again?

Here's the cross stitch, Darwin Samper, as it got put away.

And my spinning project! I decided to start with a 'warm up' spin and grabbed some of the newly aquired alpaca roving. I chose this project because I'd played with the fibre a few months back and already had a plan to spin it.

In hindsight, a 300+ gram pile of fibre isn't really a warm up. This will take me a few weeks to spin up. But I'm happy. It's pretty. It's easy to spin and I'm doing a mindless forward short draw and then a basic 2 ply. Smooth brain crafting. It's just what I need right now.

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