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The next warp off the blocks

One of the things I love about my Saori loom is that you can buy prewound warps. These are warps wrapped around a cardboard tube that you can just slide onto your back beam and hey presto, your loom is ready to thread up.

But I also love winding warps myself, which I do often. But you can also make your own prewound warps! I save the cardboard tube and warp seperator card from each prewound warp I buy and reuse them to make my own at home. Everything you need to do this comes with the Saori Kenzo's Dividing Bar (aka raddle plus some bits).

This warp here is some Lang Yarns Ella I got on clearance from Aussie Knitting Co/Moolroolbark Wool (they have great ad hoc sales on their Facebook page!). I wound the warp on my warping board, put it onto the prewound warp tube using my Saori loom and Kenzo's Dividing Bar and then popped the wound warp into my craft cupboard for later.

And that later is now. :) I plan on using this warp to make some placemats and want a draft that's interesting but not too complex. I went to and found this lovely submitted draft by Eva Swanson (Draft #54021)

In her notes Eva said she'd make a mistake on the very left hand side of the draft, and you can see that: the left hand diamond is slightly bigger than the rest. But I loved this mistake. It's a nice variation and thought I could use something like that as a feature in my own draft. Here's what I've come up with so far:

I'm looking forward to threading up the loom and seeing if this draft actually works with the yarn. I actually love threading my Saori loom, I find it puts me in a flow state. I put on some nice chill music and just focus on the next thread and the next heddle. It's very peaceful.

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