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The Fix

This was intended to be a post about how quick and easy dropping stitches is to fix mistakes in knitting... but it was actually kinda irritating and time consuming.

I've been working on the Stripes and Diamonds Scarf and was working through the fourth diamond when I realised I'd made a mistake in a row in the second diamond (about 60 rows down). No problem, I thought, I'll just drop the stitches and then pick them up again correctly.

My first attempt was done in the evening while watching TV and without a crochet hook. Not really setting myself up for success there. So I tried again the next day.

Here was the problem, a row where I'd slipped three stitches with the yarn in front (s1wyif) instead of slipped with the yarn in the back (s1wyib), This made three purple bars across the stitches in the diamond (one of the stitches has already been fixed here).

Here's the full length of the scarf, showing the first dropped stitch in the process of being picked up again.

All fixed (ish, I'll discuss later).

Second stitch dropped and then picked up again. It was at this point that I realised that the knits and purl changes in this pattern were a lot more complicated then I realised and I needed to redo the first fixed stitch.

During the redo, where I was doing some close counting and examination of the pattern, I found about three other stitches where there were knits instead of purls or vice versa. So I decided to fix those too.

So my 'quick fix' turned into about an hour and a half of concentrated fixing, and I got a bit frustrated at times when I realised I'd have to drop a stitch for the third or fourth time. But I got there.

All systems go!

Was it quicker to muck around with dropped stitches instead of ripping back and reknitting 60 rows? I think so, but I'm not sure in the end. But I do like the confidence boost you get from making a fix like this, and I definitely have a better understanding of this pattern, which should help me with the rest of the scarf.

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