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Somestash old, somstash new

So I have been getting new stash, but also going through my stash and seeing what I can use.

I had two random self-patterning sock yarn with no label and a rather unique colourway (cyan, magenta, black and white). I made two pairs of socks out of them (toe up with an afterthought heel which I loved, anything to avoid picking up stitches from a heel flap which would have been one of the 9 circles of hell if only Dante was a knitter).

Why do I need to pair of (almost) identical socks? Well I don't, but these will go to Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

When I was putting together the Ravelry project page for this yarn I used a Google image search on this photo of the finished socks to see if I could find out what the yarn was. It was a tricky search and it took me a while but I eventually came up with an option: Zwerger Garn Opal Abo, a yarn only available in Germany. I thought it was highly unlikely that a German-exclusive sock yarn would be floating around in my stash baskets but I went with it because I didn't have any other suggestions.

Then a few months later I was having another rumage in the stash and found this random label at the bottom:

Yep, it's a German label for Opal sock yarn. I was almost right! The yarn is Opal's Rainforest Adventure range in the colourway 'The Researcher'. The label also helps me understand the unique colourway - it's based off a South American Spangled Cotinga.

I went to the Australian Yarn Show a while back as a demonstrator with Canberra Spinners and Weavers. I've gotta say I was a bit worried about how the day would go, if there would be crowds or chaos, but it was actually brilliant. There wasn't too many people, there was heaps of space and the stallholders were all pretty relaxed and happy. It was a really enjoyable day and I did a small bit of targeted shopping.

I was most excited to see Colagirl Collective yarns in person.

I bought two skiens of luscious Merino/silk/yak to make a Faberge shawl. I was going for a Cherry Ripe aesthetic. The Merino/silk/yak skiens are a little short for the pattern (365m compared to a standard 400m per 100g for fingering yarn) but I really wanted this luxe blend. I'll make it work.

I also bought some gorgeous Merino/silk singles to make a Charmed shawl. I'm looking forward to having a nice neutral coloured shawl, most of mine are pretty bright and don't always go with what I'm wearing.

And I bought this lovely set of yarns for a Goldberry shawl. This yarns are dyed by Jamo Designs which were a new store for me and their stuff was just gorgeous. Mark and Matt, the store owners, were fantastic to talk to and were super enthusiastic about what they do.

Those were the 3 projects I had on my shopping list and I'm happy with the yarns I came home with. But there's no point being completely restrained so I also bought a project bag. Projects bags don't count as stash right?

This bag was made by Jokamamo Textiles, who apparently were extremely dubious about making dinosaur knitting project bags, but I'm so glad they did!

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