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Playing yarn chicken

Updated: Mar 9

'Yarn chicken' is the game of knitting with a tiny amount of yarn and seeing if you win (and finish the project) or if the yarn wins (and your project is forever unfinished).

I'm playing yarn chicken here. I have a little corner of this shawl to knit in purple, but my purple is almost gone! And this is hand dyed yarn from Dyeing 4 Ewe that cannot be replicated, so if I run out there's no option to get some more.

Ok, let's chicken!

Four rows down and doing okay so far.

Halway through and I think we're going to make it. This little triangle is tapering to a corner so each row has less stitches than the one beneath it.

And done! My tiny ball of yarn is now so tiny that it can no longer be a ball, but the corner of the shawl is finished.

But what is this mysterious shawl? Let's check it out.

Here it is with its purple corners and then a bit of edging in blue, ready to cast off. It's kinda hard to see what it is though because it's all smooshed up on the cable needle. But as I cast off from the cable the shaping of the shawl will be able to take over.

I'm about a third of the way through the cast off here (about 200 odd stitches in) and the lovely scalloped edge of the shawl is emerging.

Here it's about halfway through (and just over an hour since I started this icord cast off).

And now almost two thirds cast off. I'm really liking the shape! I'd completely forgotten the final shape of the shawl since I picked he pattern and started knitting.

And here's the final shawl!

Condor by John Ryks-Robinsky

Knit in Dyeing 4 Ewe hand dyed alpaca/nylon, Phildar Phil Soft+ and handspun Corriedale/silk

It's so big I can't even block it out properly, I don't have enough mats. So I'm just going to let it dry without stretching it out with pins.

Really looking forward to wearing it when it gets a bit (a lot) cooler.

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