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Merry shutdown

If 2023 was a cake of yarn then right about now would be the yarn barf in the middle.

I ended up doing some more office decorating, which is the most festive I've ever been in my life.

The tea towels, scarf and llama ornaments and cross stitch are all my own work. The dinosaur and kangaroo are adorable felt ornaments I bought from Pashom Kids yeaaaars ago when the nephews were smaller, but never got around to giving them. The nephews are now into Playstation games so I think my moment has passed. The crochet stars were a lovely gift from The Fleece and Wheel.

I also hung my own designed and stitched Christmas ornament, which really captures how I feel about this time of year.

On that note, happily hoidays. I hope you are able to spend the final days of this year in a way that nourishes and soothes your heart.

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