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Just mucking about really

I'm procrastinating instead of finishing my woven V cowl. It's sitting on my loom waiting for me to do the V part, which is fiddly and finicky and not that fun. It's been sitting there for a week and I've been avoiding doing it.

So I resolved that I would finally do it, went into my craft room and then immediately started faffing about with my stash! I mentioned recently that I almost have one empty stash storage basket and apparently I needed to fill it right this moment.

So here's the alpaca fluff I brought home recently, plus some Tarndwarncoort (everyone just calls it Tarndie) coloured Polwarth and some Tarndie Polwarth dyed by Waratah Fibres.

These are going from my spinning stash box into the stash basket, with the long term goal of all my spinning stash going into baskets.

Except for this spinning fiber which lives in my spinning trolley. I don't use this trolley in summer, when it's too hot to spin, so therefore it doesn't exist and the stash it contains also doesn't exist. This makes absolute sense and is in no way delusional and I am not open to feedback at this point in time thank you.

Also not to make it into my stash baskets is whatever fibre it is I've stuffed down here at the bottom of the wardrobe. Like Gandalf in the Mines of Moria, I have no memory of this place.

What else is in my spinning stash? Good question.

This is suri alpaca. Look at how long those locks are! Probably two years of growth, which is pretty unethical animal treatment. But these fleeces are all 25+ years old and the 90s were terrible in a great many ways.

This alpaca. Speaking of the the 90s, check out those bleached tips!

I really should do something with this alpaca fluff. Yes.

Speaking of 'should do's, I managed to tear myself away from the stash to start on this V cowl.

Here's what I've woven rolled taken off the front of the loom, ready for me to take the loose ends at the front and hand thread them through the back to create a V shape.

The next day I managed to talk myself into starting the V weaving.

And then, amazing things happened in the craft room (my partner stole my laptop to write that line and she doesn't even know what the rest of the post is, but it works perfectly). Miracles of miracles, I twisted the fringe as soon as I finished weaving.

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