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It's beginning to look a lot like...

I was crafting on the bus yesterday morning and realised the two projects I had with me were very well coordinated.

I'm making some paper strip heart ornaments for the office. This was one of the crafts the office craft club did as an event the other week, which was a blast, so I decided to make some more. I had a pack of paper in six colours at home which was perfect for these, but I'm quite miffed that the colours don't go through the complete ROYGBV rainbow but instead had red twice. I guess you can't have little Timmy go home from playgroup accidently spruiking the Gay Agenda *eyeroll*.

Still, the hearts turned out rather sweet and they were a nice diversion during Zoom meetings.

Some of these went to go on the department Christmas tree (our tree made the 'worst dressed' list on a Reputable News Outlet last year and some of the Exec are still reeling). The rest of these ornaments went to decorate my pod.

The hearts and ribbon on its own looked a bit lackluster so I MacGuyvered a christmas tree out of assorted office supplies. Corporate chic.

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