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I bought stuff

So I was talking aboout maybe getting more stash. Well I did not exactly sleep on the idea. So here's me flashing my stash!

I picked up this pile of alpaca roving from the Canberra Spinners and Weavers recycling room. Plus a boat shuttle, because it was cute and pretty.

I love spinning alpaca, and everything bought from the recycling room supports Canberra Spinners and Weavers so it's practically a public service to buy, right?

I spent a while sorting through the fibre. Some of it was three colours (red, chocolate and tan) but a lot of roving had the tan colour removed, and it was all a bit chaotic. There was also a small portion of roving that had been blended together to create a orangey roving. Plus a few bonus colours.

I sorted the roving by colour, matched up any random lengths and then started chaining it up for storage. Jasmine decided to help at this point. She loves alpaca as much as I do.

Here's the end result of sorting and chaining. I could give any number of logical reasons why I did this (ease of storage, quality assurance, protecting the fibre, etc...) but honestly the roving is soft and squishy and I wanted to play with it.

Jasmine agreed.

I also went shopping at Strength Honour Wares, a Brisbane-based dyer of spinning fibre and fleece. Sarah is currently winding up her shop to focus on other things so I took the opportunity to grab a few treats. Please enjoy this unboxing (unbagging?) video checking out the fabulous new fluff.

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