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Fleece Navidad

I aquired quite a few alpaca fleeces during lockdown. Far more than one spinner needs, and certainly far more fleeces than needed for someone who doesn't enjoy spinning large amounts of the same thing!

I've rehomed most of them by now but there are a few treasures I wanted to keep, and I'm working my way through processing them now.

This is a lovely fawn suri cria fleece from Shalom Alpacas.

I've been methodically working through it with my fleece combs, picking out the vegetable matter, second cuts and less soft bits and turning it into lovely, smooth spinning fibre.

Here's a bunch of locks loaded onto the comb, ready to start.

I add the locks with the cut end between the tines and the tips facing out. This makes it a 'true worsted' preperation, in that all the fibre should be going the same way. But I just do it for ease of combing.

I've been doing three passes, or three transfers from one comb to the other. Here's a little video of my third (and final) pass and then dizzing off the fibre into a nest ready to spin.

Although I won't be spinning this fibre as is. It's super soft and slippery and I think it would be rather challenging! I'm going to get some fawn huacaya alpaca fleece to blend with this to make a lovely, soft fibre. This is not the last of the combs for this fibre!

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