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Finished cross stitch!

I've finished my first cross stitch for the year.

Darwin Sampler 2 by Hannah Stitching Designs.

This is a quote from a letter Charles Darwin wrote to botanist Joseph Dalton Hooker about eminent naturalist, founder of the Natural History Museum of London, fraud, plagarist and unrepentant shithead Richard Owen. If you ever run out of Real Housewives to watch and need some more drama just grab a book about Darwin, Owen, Gideon Mantell and Thomas Henry Huxley.

I chose to stitch this design because I enjoy this meangirls period of British naturalists, and the quote resonates with me following some revelations I've made with my own family.

The original design is all in one colour, but I picked my own. I went with a dark green border and lighter green leaves, to represent new growth. Redish motifs on either side of the text for the fires of rebirth.

There's a lot of symbolism in cross stitch samplers. Pineapples for generous hospitality, goats for lust. I'm not sure what beetles mean, although one source suggests 'blindness'.

I think they're just there because Darwin thought they were cool (as does, apparently, God). I stitched the ladybugs mostly in red and I think they still read well, even though technically they're red with black spots.

And you'd never know unless I told you, but the middle ladybug is one stitch above where the pattern says it should be. I misscounted and then decided I was only with leaving the mistakes. Not the total embrace of mistakes I aimed for, but one step at a time I guess.

My next stitching project is a coordinating sampler with another Darwin quote.

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