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Bitchin' stitchin'

I am currently working on a cross stitch inspired by the events of this year, particularly some of the revelations I've had with my Family of Origin.

How very apt that Mr Origin of Species himself, Charles Darwin, is the source of this quote.

Pattern: Darwin Sampler 2 by Hannah Stitching Designs

I started stitching with a hand dyed black floss by House of Embroidery but ran out before I finished the lettering, so I've since gone back and redone all the stitching in DMC 310. Was that frustrating? Yes. Could that problem have been avoided with a bit of planning? Also yes.

I'm stitching on some hand dyed 28 ct Lugana from Stitches and Spice. A fabric that's well marinated from my stash considering Stitches and Spice closed a decade ago. This is almost the last of my S+S treasures.

This will be a slow WIP over the next few months, but I'm looking foward to stitching some colour after all the wording is done. Maybe some sparkles for the beetles?

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