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A time to sew

I decided to do a bit of sewing. I've come to the realisation that I don't actually like sewing. I like having sewn things, but the actual physical process? Not so much.

I've been trying to figure out why sewing isn't something I enjoy, and I think it has to do with not getting into a flow state. This graph is a great representation of what you need for flow.

For me, sewing is either sewing in straight lines or ironing which puts me firmly in the 'boredom' corner, but then it goes into sewing curves, clipping/notching, facings and pattern matching which rockets me straight into the 'anxiety' cloud. I spend very little time in the flow zone, if any.

But here's me sewing anyway.

I bought a cheap black circle skirt to wear to work but it was too long. I have short legs so anything that's designed to hit below the knee sits at mid-mid for me (and anything desgined to be cropped at mid-calf sits just above my ankle and makes me feel like a hobbit).

So I decided to take the skirt up by 4ish inches. Why 4 inches? Because that's the width of my hot hemmer and it seemed easy.

I didn't take many photos, because taking up a skirt isn't that interesting and sewing black thread on black fabric is even less interesting. The fabric is slightly stretchy polyester and sewing it in a nice circle didn't go great, but I'm happy to wear the skirt with a slightly dodgy hem. At just under the knee, I really don't see the hem that much. Other people would see it more. So really, a wonky hem is more their problem than mine.

Here's the skirt, wonkily hemmed but shorter so I'm happy.

Once I finished that I decided to do some more interesting sewing.

I have a sari wrap skirt that I don't really wear, but I figured it would be easy to copy so I measured it out and made up a mudmap of a pattern. Also, the skirt is pretty shoddily made so it's not like I could make a worse version.

Why am I copying a garment I rarely wear? Probably not a great place to start...

Here's the fabric, all cut and laid out. They're both semi-sheer polyesters but work well together. Yep, I subscribe to the floor troll school of cutting and laying fabric. There's no better flat surface than the floor and scrambling around on all fours just adds extra chaos to the process.

I hemmed down the straight edges of both layers and then along the long curved edge. I should've ironed the hem over and then basted and then pinned and sewed for a nice finish. But honestly I just used my rolled hem foot but badly to make a single fold hem with the least amount of faff (and finesse).

I did baste the 2 skirt pieces together though before adding the waistband.


I added the waistband (which is just a long hemmed strip with two buttonholes to let the ties pass through and secure the skirt).

Aaaanddd the skirt is too small. There's like a 1cm overlap for the wrap which is not enough to wear out in public. How did I not realise this before?

But whatever. I could've unpicked the waistband and then trimmed the skirt layers. Because they're flaired circles moving the waistband down would make the wrap longer and the overlap wider. Ooor, I could just flip the waistband down and sew it to the skirt? That would make the skirts longer. And encase the tie straps. So I did that.

Which actually makes the skirt harder to tie on, as I needed to thread the ties through the encased waistband. So I ended up with a skirt I have to step into rather than just tie on. But it still works. Close enough. Done.

So then I started on the project I actually got my sewing maching out for - edging my woven placemats. This was actually nice sewing, a little straight seam with a walking foot. It was also a lot of fussing with the iron too though.

And that's it. I think I'm done sewing for the next few months.

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